Power Turtles and Garavaglia win Home Tour season finale, Rocket Real Summer Cup in the wings

On July 1st the Summer Cup starts, a relaxed 3C and 5P tournament format. The Home Tour is now taking its summer break and will be back in September.

Blog entry from 2021-06-21

The Royal Pro Home Tour is an international prize money tournament series that is played entirely via the MWS system. On June 19th and 20th a three cushion team competition and a five pins individual tournament of this series took place. Teams and players at various MWS locations in 4 countries competed for € 1,000 total prize money. In the three cushion tournament the Austrian team Power Turtles with Andreas Efler and Dominik Nebuda triumphed, in the five pins tournament the Italian Luca Marzio Garavaglia.

The podium of the three cushion tournament:

  1. 1. Power Turtles: Efler, Andreas / Nebuda, Dominik (Hinterbrühl, AT | € 250 prize money)
  2. 2. Zipfer: Riml, Jimmy / Volger, Pirmin (Innsbruck, AT | € 150 prize money)
  3. 3. Schurli's Base Camp: Schmied, Georg / Schneeberger, Renaldi (Rosenburg-Mold, AT | € 100 prize money)

Results of the Home Tour three cushion tournament (PDF)

The podium of the five pins tournament:

  1. 1. Garavaglia, Luca Marzio (Desio, IT | € 250 prize money)
  2. 2. Gabel, Max (Berlin, DE | € 150 prize money)
  3. 3. Driessen, Ernest (Turek, PL | € 100 prize money)

Results of the Home Tour five pins tournament (PDF)

In just a few days, on July 1st, the Rocket Real Summer Cup starts. Our new tournament format for three cushion and five pins is open to all registered MWS users and runs for three months until the end of September. There is no registration deadline, every MWS user can participate at any time and play as many matches as they want. The total prize money is 150 % of all entry fees. The entry fee is € 3 per player and match.

All Summer Cup details on our dashboard

The Summer Cup is a round robin tournament in which each player can play against the same opponent up to five times per discipline (three cushion and five pins). Match format and match distance can be chosen freely in accordance with certain minimum requirements. The results of both disciplines are added together. Remote games count twice as much for the ranking as local games. Points for the ranking are also awarded for participations resp. defeats. The dates for the games are freely organized by the players in self-administration.

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