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€50,000 all-time prize money mark cracked, Schmied and Garavaglia win Home Tour events #7 and #8

After 374 tournaments, the €50,000 barrier was broken. Time for a brief outline of the 10-year MWS sports history.

Blog entry from 2022-01-17

The very first MWS tournament took place on 8th August 2011, a competition of the tournament series Weekly High Run, which later developed into a cult format. From our beginnings to the present day, we have hosted countless prize money tournaments for the MWS community and will continue to do so. With the two tournaments of the Royal Pro Home Tour last weekend (15th/16th January 2022), the total prize money paid out at MWS tournaments has risen to €50,073.

Passing this significant milestone is cause for celebration and thanks to all the players and locations that have participated and will participate in our tournaments. We are particularly happy about the small contribution that we can make to the development of pro/am-sports. Because with a few exceptions (invitation tournaments), access to our prize money tournaments is open to all MWS users and not just reserved for professionals. In many tournament formats, we also support the hosting MWS locations with proportionate prize money from their winning athletes.

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With €24,769 almost half of the all-time prize money goes to the Weekly High Run tournament series, which has so far had 21 editions and 186 competitions. A good third is accounted for by our current tournament format: As of today, €15,800 have been distributed in 34 tournaments on the Home Tour, €3,200 of which in the current season, and €6,800 will be added by the end of the season. The top earners in the all-time ranking are Andreas Efler with around €9,500 and Martin Horn with around €6,500 in prize money.

Our sports dashboard provides all information about the entire MWS tournament history as well as our current and upcoming tournaments.

The two Home Tour competitions #7 and #8 in the 2021/22 circuit brought favorites victories. Georg Schmied won the three cushion tournament on January 15th, undefeated and with a good performance, ahead of Andreas Efler (2nd) and Jimmy Riml (3rd). Schmied was thus able to extend his lead in the overall Home Tour ranking. The next day Luca Marzio Garavaglia triumphed in the five pins tournament and caught up with record champion Efler, both players now have 9 Home Tour successes. The Italian also remained unbeaten. Ernest Driessen (2nd), who took the lead in the five pins ranking list, and Ernst-Jan Driessen (3rd) finished in places of honor.

Results of the Home Tour three cushion tournament (PDF)

Results of the Home Tour five pins tournament (PDF)

On 29/30 January 2022 the next two Home Tour competitions will take place, all dates and details can be found on our dashboard.

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We sincerely would like to thank Pavlos Zachariadis and Royal Pro for sponsoring the Home Tour.