Professionals & brand ambassadors

Professional players and junior athletes with MWS in the heart. World Games champions, World champions, European champions & more.

Our testimonials include highly decorated professional players and promising young athletes. They all have a lot of MWS know-how and use the system regularly, because they benefit from the revolutionary possibilities for their sporting development. They carry MWS in their hearts and act as an advertising medium, participate in the community life and like to give interested people insights and introductions in MWS.

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Marco Zanetti

"MWS can open new horizons in the billiard sport – serving the sport and an innovative entertainment."

Marco Zanetti, Italy | World champion, World Games champion, European champion, World Cup winner, Italian champion & more |

Martin Horn

"So far I knew detailed game and move analysis only from soccer on TV. MWS makes it possible also in billiards! The system is the revolutionary method to improve your game each and every time. I am fascinated!!"

Martin Horn, Germany | World champion, European champion, World Cup winner, German champion & more |

Andreas Efler

"Since I use MWS for my training I can eliminate weaknesses in my play more precisely. The training becomes much more efficient. Furthermore the system allows me to teach players all over the world without wasting time and money for travelling."

Andreas Efler, Austria | World Cup winner, vice Team World champion, Austrian champion & more

Andreas Efler can be booked for remote trainings and shot analysis. Three Cushion, all playing levels. |

Luca Marzio Garavaglia

"MWS is the natural next step towards teaching, developing and playing 5 pins in the world. The innovation taken by this system overwhelmes any other tracking system and allows the player to repeat and analyze any single shot anytime and anywhere in the world, also from remote."

Luca Marzio Garavaglia, Italy | ESPA Team European champion, Rouen tournament winner, Italian champion & more

Luca Marzio Garavaglia can be booked for remote trainings and shot analysis. Five Pins, all playing levels. |

Georg Schmied

"MYWEBSPORT enables worldwide, playful possibilities, without harming the environment. The active contribution to environmental protection is an affair of the heart for me."

Georg Schmied, Austria | Royal Pro Cup Oosterhout final round participant, Team Austrian champion & more

Georg Schmied can be booked for remote trainings and shot analysis. Three Cushion, all playing levels.

Markus Dömer

"Besides the excellent training opportunities, MWS allows me especially at the present time to stay in contact with players from all over the world and to actively pursue my sports! Thanks."

Markus Dömer, Germany | Team European champion, German champion & more

Arnim Kahofer

"MWS has changed my way to practice billiards fundamentally. I can improve my play more precisely, efficiently and with more practical orientation. The numerous features open new ways and possibilities to develop the game further. I can highly recommend MWS to everybody who is seriously playing billiards."

Arnim Kahofer, Austria | European champion, Classic Masters Trophy winner, Austrian champion & more |

Christian Rudolph

(Statement follows.)

Christian Rudolph, Germany | World champion, World Cup winner, vice European champion, German champion & more

Nikolaus Kogelbauer

"MWS is an ingenious system with numerous features that have helped me a lot to further develop my game, improve my skills and eliminate my mistakes. It also offers the opportunity to compete with players around the world and learn from the best players in the world without having to stay in the same club. Meanwhile MWS is a fixed part of my training!"

Nikolaus Kogelbauer, Austria | vice European champion u21, bronze European championship u17, Austrian champion junior class & more

Tobias Bouerdick

"MWS gives young players the chance to compete with peers around the world in training games, or even in tournaments. However, it offers much more than is expected first! An ingenious system that revolutionizes billiard sports :-)"

Tobias Bouerdick, Germany | European champion u17, bronze European championship u21, German champion junior class & more

Marcel Back

"With MWS the training possibilities are greatly enhanced. With the help of the ball tracking it is possible to analyze much more detailed. The perfect balancing of the balls, considering options for avoiding kisses and maximizing quota for the position, all this can be specifically trained with MWS."

Marcel Back, Germany | bronze European championship u21, German champion junior class & more