Home Tour title #10 for five pins maestro Garavaglia

The Italian is now sole record champion. Erlangen's Truong celebrated his third success of the season in the three cushion tournament.

Blog entry from 2022-03-07

Last weekend the Home Tour competitions 11 and 12 of 20 in the current season were on the program. On Saturday (March 5th) a three cushion singles was played, on Sunday (March 6th) a five pins singles followed. The three cushion tournament started with a bang. Ranking leader Georg Schmied had to cancel shortly before the tournament due to illness, which unexpectedly opened up a huge opportunity for his strongest competitors in the battle for the overall ranking, Tay-Dien Truong and Andreas Efler.

Before the tournament, Schmied was well ahead of Truong and Efler in the discipline ranking. The starting position for Schmied's pursuers was anything but rosy, they were already under enormous pressure in the middle of the season and absolutely had to make up ground on Schmied. Under no circumstances should Schmied have landed in front of them, otherwise he would have pulled away from them even further in the overall standings. But the unexpected often happens, suddenly the way was free for Truong and Efler.

Erlangen's Tay-Dien Truong seized the moment and won the three cushion competition ahead of Andreas Efler and Denmark's Kim Bengtsson. Truong remained unbeaten throughout the tournament and put in his best performance in the match against Efler, whom he beat 3:0 in sets. For Truong this was already the third success of the current season, after two triumphs in doubles the long-awaited singles title has now also been added. In the fight for the three cushion overall ranking, Truong and Efler were able to catch up with Schmied, all three are now together at the top within just four points.

The podium of the three cushion tournament:

  1. 1. Truong, Tay-Dien (Erlangen, DE | € 200 prize money)
  2. 2. Efler, Andreas (Hinterbrühl, AT | € 125 prize money)
  3. 3. Bengtsson, Kim (Store Heddinge, DK | € 75 prize money)

Results of the Home Tour three cushion tournament (PDF)

The five pins tournament was once again the prey of Luca Marzio Garavaglia, who finally rose to the sporting Olympus with his tenth success on the Tour. With a brilliant performance that was untouchable for his challengers, the Five Pins Doctor from Desio continued his successful run on the Tour. No one has won more often till now, and no one even comes close to his win rate. 10 tournament participations, 10 tournament wins, that's a colossal success rate of 100% over a period of more than 1 year. Andreas Efler, who did not take part in last Sunday's five pins tournament, currently has nine Home Tour successes across all disciplines. So the competition on Sunday was divided into two classes: Garavaglia in front, the other participants fought for second place. Three players had the same number of wins, so that the set ratio had to be used as a decision criterion for the placements. There, Ernst-Jan Driessen was just ahead and finished second, ahead of his father Ernest Driessen and Jimmy Riml, who stood in for Sergio Parasiliti as a short-term substitute. Frank Ofner took fifth place.

The podium of the five pins tournament:

  1. 1. Garavaglia, Luca Marzio (Desio, IT | € 200 prize money)
  2. 2. Driessen, Ernst-Jan (Helmond, NL | € 125 prize money)
  3. 3. Driessen, Ernest (Turek, PL | € 75 prize money)

Results of the Home Tour five pins tournament (PDF)

In both discipline rankings, the athletes have moved closer together again. The race for the overall standings is more open than ever. So excitement is guaranteed in the remaining Home Tour competitions.

The three cushion ranking in the 2021/22 circuit:

  1. 1. Schmied, Georg: 24 pts
  2. 2. Truong, Tay-Dien: 22 pts
  3. 3. Efler, Andreas: 20 pts

... and the five pins ranking:

  1. 1. Driessen, Ernst-Jan: 16 pts
  2. 2. Driessen, Ernest: 12 pts
  3. 2. Kroonen, Marius: 12 pts

Current overall standings three cushion and five pins

The Royal Pro Home Tour is an international carom billiards tournament series that is played online via the MWS system at various MWS locations worldwide. The Home Tour overall ranking 2021/22 consists of a total of 20 tournaments, 10x three cushion and 10x five pins each. The tournaments are played alternately as singles and doubles. A separate ranking list is kept for each discipline, there are 2 deletion results per player and discipline. The Royal Pro Home Tour Series 2021/22 is endowed with a total of € 10,000 prize money.

On April 23rd/24th 2022 the next Home Tour competitions will take place, two team events. All dates and details can be found on our sports dashboard.

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