How you can finance your MWS systems with title sponsorship

New financing model offers huge savings potential for locations and enormous advertising potential for sponsors. Win:Win for both partners!

Blog entry from 2022-03-18

The most exclusive advertising spaces are reserved for exclusive partnerships. What head sponsorship is for ski racers, i.e. advertising on the ski helmet, is title sponsorship for sport venues, i.e. the naming of a sport venue. The presentation of the sponsor in the name of the location is so effective in advertising because it can hardly be overlooked. Whenever there is talk of a location, there is also talk of its sponsor. If both partners now benefit from this deal, then one speaks of a win-win situation. And it is precisely on this approach that our title sponsorship concept is based, which we will present to you in more detail below.

Title sponsorship is new to our portfolio and has been available since spring 2022. In essence, it is about a sponsor financing a MWS system for a location and, in return for the duration of the cooperation, acquiring the right to give this location its name / brand name in all MWS content. In return for their financial services, sponsors receive a link to their name / brand with the location they are supporting. They appear as namesakes for the sports venue they sponsor, for example "Royal Pro Billiard Sports Arena Innsbruck". Word combinations in the title of a location are well suited for sponsors to connect the brand (e.g. "Royal Pro"), target group ("Billiard Sports") and region ("Innsbruck"). Whenever the name of a sponsored location is mentioned in MWS content, the name / brand of the sponsor is also automatically mentioned and thus advertised.

Locations commit to their sponsors, in particular, to regularly participate in MWS sporting events (tournaments ...) in order to create media presence for their sponsors in live streaming, announcements and reporting on the MWS website and the MWS social media channels. Title sponsors also receive the current MWS advertising package, which includes banner ads and a general presentation of the sponsor / brand. Multi-year commitments are recommended in order to reach the target groups of the sponsors in the long term and to establish the desired connection between the title sponsor and the location permanently.

The agreements between locations, their title sponsors, and MWS can generally be individually coordinated with regard to the amount of sponsorship and terms, as well as costs for the locations. Of course, locations and sponsors can also agree on further cooperation that goes beyond what MWS offers. Our sample agreement provides the following model, which reduces the costs for locations to a minimum:

  • The sponsor pays to MWS € 250 per month over a period of 6 years (72 months). MWS provides the location with the system for this period of time. After that, the system becomes the property of the location without additional acquisition costs.
  • The location pays to MWS the monthly maintenance fee in the amount applicable at the time in question, as well as a one-time fee of € 2,500 for installation and commissioning of the system (plus the separately agreed costs for transport, customs duty, travel, and the like).
  • If the location arranges the sponsor itself, then the costs for installation and commissioning do not apply (with the exception of the costs for transport etc. listed in the point above).
  • If the agreement is reached through an external agent, then this is entitled to a fee of € 2,500.

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