ELO rankings 2023#2 published, winners Home Tour heat#4 chosen

Efler and Monteforte win season events #4 on the Royal Pro Home Tour and lead the newly released discipline rankings.

Blog entry from 2023-05-06

It's title #18 on the Royal Pro Home Tour for record champion Andreas Efler (AT), who won the three cushion tournament that ended recently. Stuttgart's Aniello Monteforte (DE) triumphed in the five pins event held at the same time and celebrated his second victory on the Tour after his debut victory about two months ago. Thanks to their very good season results so far and their recent tournament victories, Efler and Monteforte can also be happy about the lead in the newly published ELO ranking list, which, like the Home Tour itself, is endowed with prize money.

The ELO ranking list is an ongoing and dynamic evaluation system for which the current rankings are published periodically and awards are given based on a specific prize money key. The predefined data input for the ELO ranking list edition 2023#2 includes, among other things, the complete data set of the fourth Home Tour heat, which means that the publication of the new ranking was directly linked to the conclusion of these two competitions. The ranking quarters or calculation periods for our periodic discipline rankings correspond roughly to calendar quarters, but are always linked to the complete completion of all tournaments included.

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The podium of the Home Tour five pins tournament 2022/23 #4:

  1. Monteforte, Aniello (Stuttgart | DE): 7 wins, set delta +12, 15 sets won | € 150.00 prize money
  2. Driessen, Ernst-Jan (Helmond | NL): 7 wins, set delta +10, 15 sets won | € 90.00 prize money
  3. Riml, Jimmy (Innsbruck | AT, Pforzheim | DE): 5 wins, set delta +4, 12 sets won | € 60.00 prize money

The podium of the Home Tour three cushion tournament 2022/23 #4:

  1. Efler, Andreas (Hinterbrühl | AT): 6 wins, set delta +18, 26 sets won | € 125.00 prize money
  2. Schmied, Georg (Rosenburg-Mold | AT): 6 wins, set delta +12, 25 sets won | € 75.00 prize money
  3. Bachmaier, Roman (Regensburg | DE): 5 wins, set delta +6, 22 sets won | € 50.00 prize money

ELO rating systems, which originally come from chess and have now been adapted for many other sports, try to reflect the playing strengths of the players as objectively as possible. For each match, the playing strengths of the players are put in relation to each other in order to calculate the athletes' probability of victory. Playing strengths are measured in ranking points - the more points a player has, the stronger he/she is and the higher he/she is in the rankings. The probability of victory is (theoretically) between 0% and 100%. These probabilities are used to calculate the ranking points that can be awarded in a match. The winner gains ranking points, the loser loses ranking points.

If two similarly strong players play against each other, then the gain of points for the winner as well as the loss of points for the loser are in the middle point range. The greater the difference between the two players' win probabilities, the more ranking points are in play. If a clearly weaker player according to ranking list points wins against a clearly better one, then the weaker player gains a lot of ranking points and the stronger one has to give up a lot of ranking points. If a player who is clearly stronger according to ranking list points wins against a clearly weaker player, then the stronger player gains very few ranking points and the weaker player has to lose very few ranking points.

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Top 5 in the current ELO three cushion ranking 2023#2:

  • 5611 pts: Efler, Andreas (AT) | € 36.00 prize money
  • 5430 pts: Schmied, Georg (AT) | € 30.00 prize money
  • 5220 pts: Bachmaier, Roman (DE) | € 24.00 prize money
  • 5157 pts: Riml, Jimmy (AT) | € 18.00 prize money
  • 5092 pts: Gajs, Zoran (AT) | € 12.00 prize money

Top 5 in the current ELO five pins ranking 2023#2:

  • 5601 pts: Monteforte, Aniello (DE) | € 27.60 prize money
  • 5297 pts: Driessen, Ernst-Jan (NL) | € 23.00 prize money
  • 5176 pts: Gorgoni, Antonio (CH) | € 18.40 prize money
  • 5107 pts: Driessen, Ernest (PL) | € 13.80 prize money
  • 5094 pts: Riml, Jimmy (AT) | € 9.20 prize money

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