Preview of the new MWS three cushion league

In January 2024, the International Three Cushion Team League, a relay format for club teams at all MWS locations worldwide, will start its first edition.

Blog entry from 2023-11-24

The International Cinque Birilli Team League is getting a twin. After the successful baptism of fire of the five pins league that started in mid-October, the same model will be adapted for the discipline three cushion. That means: Even more international league activities at all participating MWS locations and even more chances to win big prize money.

The teams play all matches online via our system for remote billiards with laser technology, which allows them to play from home or their home locations. Even the players within a team are not tied to the same location and can participate from different locations.

Registration and dates

On 15 January 2024, the new three cushion league from MWS starts. Registrations are possible as of now, registration deadline is 7 January 2024.

To the registration in the sports administration

The duration of the tournament depends on the number of teams taking part in the competition. For the group stage (basic round, more on this in the following section), 1.5 weeks per team are calculated, so that with 8 teams, for example, the group stage would be scheduled for 12 weeks. The dates for the play-off, which follows the basic round, are set separately.

Tournament format, mode and regulations

Just like in the five pins league, in the three cushion league a basic round is first completed in round robin mode with all teams. The best-placed teams after the basic round advance to the play-off, which is played in a KO system and in which the tournament winner is determined. Depending on the number of teams in the regular round, the play-off consists of quarter-finals, semi-finals and the grand final.

To the invitation with all information

All matches are played in a relay format with 3 players per team. A match consists of 3 relay stages. In each new stage, a different player on both teams takes their turn, so that each player completes exactly 1 stage. The basic round is played on 60 points with the relay stages first to 20, 40 and 60 points. The team that reaches a stage first receives 1 relay point. In the basic round, the number of wins before the relay points before the general average counts for the ranking.

Entry fee and prize money

The entry fee is €150 per team and goes entirely into the prize money pot. The total endowment is 150% of all entry fees and is made up of the sum of all entry fees (100%) plus 50% on top from MWS. So there's plenty of money to be made again!

Depending on the number of teams, an adjusted prize money key will be applied, details can be found in the announcement linked above. 80% of the prize money goes to the players, 20% to the locations.

Live broadcast and self-organization

As usual, all tournament matches will be shown on our live sports platform, free of charge and in full HD.

To the live streams

The match and broadcast dates are arranged by the teams themselves and announced in the broadcast calendar.

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