How you can realize your own sports events with MWS

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Blog entry from 2022-02-11

In the first part of our new series "(Business) ideas" we dealt with the different sources of income for MWS players, coaches and locations. In today's second of a total of three parts, we take a closer look at the opportunities and chances for organizers to host their own sporting events on MYWEBSPORT.COM. In the following, we present how you as an organizer can benefit from our infrastructure and our network and which services our event hosting service includes.

The term sports events means the entire repertoire of events in sports, such as tournaments, exhibitions, or training courses. First of all, it should be noted that our event hosting service is subject to a fee and is only available for events that are held via the MWS system so that they can be streamed on MYWEBSPORT.COM.

With the exception of the financing of your events, our event hosting service includes the same services that we provide for our own MWS events. This includes planning and management, integration and promotion on all our platforms and media, as well as handling on day X with live streaming and administration (result management). Our platform for live sports with streams and results and our sports dashboard for acquisition of event details are used. The promotion for international reach takes place on our social media channels and on our website.

The win-win concept behind our service is easy to explain: In the form of the points mentioned above, you are given the opportunity to realize your projects according to your ideas. The big benefit for us is simply that you offer a great program with your events to the worldwide MWS community.

Depending on the intention and economic success of your projects, you also have the chance to make a profit. Except for the service fee, we don't charge you any money for hosting your events. The remaining profit after deduction of liabilities (e.g. prize money) is yours, we don't take a percentage from profits. All the more motivated you can go to work, maybe even inspiring a big sponsor for your event. In addition, you (and your sponsors) benefit from the publicity generated by the media presence of your events.

The amount of the service fee is to be agreed individually (depending on the effort involved), but in prize money tournaments it usually only accounts for a small partial amount of the total budget. As the organizer, you are responsible for financing your events, including the provision of prize money. You are the bosses of your events, we give you the platforms for it.

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The most recent example of a hosted event is the International Heineken Open, which took place on January 6, 2022. Georg Schmied brought this prize money tournament to life and realized it through our event hosting service. More on that in 2022 starts with a blockbuster.

In the third and last part of the series we will deal with the classic offers in our portfolio. Specifically, we then take a close look at advertising, investment and franchising.

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