Record champion Efler returns to the Royal Pro Home Tour

This weekend LIVE on MYWEBSPORT.COM: A squad of top players hungry for victory chases the 8-time triumphator of the previous season.

Blog entry from 2021-10-21

With two singles events on October 23rd and 24th the Royal Pro Home Tour goes into the next round. These are the Home Tour competitions three and four of 20 in this sports season, that build the Home Tour overall ranking 2021/22. The Tour is endowed with a total prize money of €10,000 for the season 2021/22. (All detailed info about the Tour is available on our sports dashboard.)

On Saturday (October 23rd) a three cushion competition will be played, on Sunday (October 24th) a five pins competition. Tournaments and broadcasts each start at 10:00am. All live streams and live results are provided free of charge and freely available on our live sports platform MYWEBSPORT.COM/LIVE:

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For the first time this season, three cushion record winner Andreas Efler from Austria joins in. He and the Italian five pins king Luca Marzio Garavaglia came last season to 8 tournament victories each on the Tour, adding up both disciplines as well as singles and doubles. Efler competes in both disciplines this weekend. In the five pins tournament he is the favorite to win, in the three cushion tournament an open exchange of blows between all participants for the title is expected. Georg Schmied (AT), Kenan Cantürk (CH) and Roman Bachmaier (DE) are among Efler's greatest challengers.

The three cushion tournament is played in round robin mode. The matches are played in the 3 points open end format on 3 winning sets (best of 5 sets). These are the participants in the three cushion tournament:

  • Bachmaier, Roman (Regensburg, Germany)
  • Cantürk, Kenan (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Efler, Andreas (Hinterbrühl, Austria)
  • Erdtner, Mario (Innsbruck Location#2, Austria)
  • Gajs, Zoran (Vienna, Austria)
  • Riml, Jimmy (Innsbruck Location#1, Austria)
  • Schmied, Georg (Rosenburg-Mold, Austria)
  • Truong, Tay-Dien (Erlangen, Germany)

The five pins tournament is played in round robin mode too. The matches are played on 2 winning sets (best of 3 sets) of 60 points each. These are the participants in the five pins tournament:

  • Antonazzo, Cosimo (Basel, Switzerland)
  • Efler, Andreas (Hinterbrühl, Austria)
  • Ofner, Frank (Innsbruck Location#2, Austria)
  • Riml, Jimmy (Innsbruck Location#1, Austria)

The prize money tournaments of the Home Tour series are played online over the MWS system at various MWS locations worldwide. All matches are streamed live and freely available to everyone on our website. Access to these pro/am tournaments is open to all MWS users and not just for professionals. Every MWS user has the chance to participate and win prize money.

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