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How you can make money in sports with MWS

Part 1 of 3 of our new series "(Business) ideas" deals with the different sources of income for MWS players, coaches and locations.

Blog entry from 2022-02-04

MWS users and operators of MWS locations often approach us with the question of how they can earn money with MWS. The answer is manifold: In addition to our classic offers from the areas of marketing and finance (advertising, investment and franchising, to which part 3 will be devoted), the operation of a MWS system is a general attractiveness enhancement for locations and can generate profits in different ways, for example by charging usage fees. In addition, athletes, trainers and locations have further opportunities to earn money by participating in our sporting events. Below we take a closer look at the earning potential in sports.

Let's start with our prize money tournaments. For 10 years now, we have been organizing tournaments of all kinds for the MWS community, in which players from all over the world can participate via the MWS system. Around two thirds of our tournaments are endowed with prize money. When organizing tournaments, we pay special attention to ensuring that our competitions are open to all MWS users. With very few exceptions - declared invitation tournaments - there are no sporting participation criteria for our prize money tournaments. So amateurs and professionals alike can take part and win prize money. In January 2022, the total sum of all prize money paid out at MWS tournaments up to that point has risen to over €50,000.

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In many of our prize money tournaments, the organizing locations earn money directly, depending on the sporting successes of their players. The income of the locations is linked to the prize money of their successful athletes, which is divided between players and locations according to a fixed key. These location fundings are financial support for the operators to facilitate the organization of the tournaments on site and to send their strongest athletes to the races. And that, in turn, is good for tournament sports, because ultimately players and locations are in the same boat. Currently, the key according to which the prize money is divided and which is regularly re-evaluated is 90% for the players and 10% for the locations.

Another user group in addition to the players and location operators already mentioned are professional coaches who would like to offer their services for a fee via remote trainings with the MWS system. We bring trainers and students together in our booking portal, where training sessions for different disciplines and skill levels can be booked. Andreas Efler, Luca Marzio Garavaglia and Georg Schmied are currently available. The coaches determine the services and prices of the bookable training packages themselves. We retain a small partial amount from each booking made. There are sporting criteria for admission to our booking portal, simply to ensure the quality of the teaching. Interested parties please contact

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In our next part of the series we will deal with the opportunities that MWS offers you as a tournament & streaming platform for your own tournaments.

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