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Environmental protection through responsible use of resources. Green MWS technology for ecological, social and economic sustainability.

Tournaments via MWS in comparison with classic tournaments where the players have to travel to a distant venue. Ecological (CO₂ emissions ), social (family time ) & economic (travel costs ) sustainability through green MWS technology.

Summary of resource savings in the year 2021
Data input: 32 tournaments of the Home Tour series: 01./02. + 16./17. + 30./31. January 2021, 13./14. + 27./28. February 2021, 13./14. + 27./28. March 2021, 10./11. + 24./25. April 2021, 08./09. + 22./23. May 2021, 05./06. + 19./20. June 2021, 09./10. + 23./24. October 2021, 20./21. November 2021

CO₂ reduction: 26.9 tons

Cost savings: € 84,293

Time savings: 1,792 hours

Table with all details and calculation of the values (PDF)

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An information from MWS mastermind Jimmy Riml to all those for whom sustainability is an important topic:

In the future, our tournaments will receive a stamp for sustainability. Ecological, economic and social aspects are compared to assess sustainability. This applies to CO₂ emissions, additional travel and accommodation costs and the time all participants spend on their trips. The difference between the tournament in question via MYWEBSPORT and a tournament with the same participants at a location selected as centrally as possible is stated.

We want to emphasize that it makes a lot of sense to organize international tournaments via MYWEBSPORT.

I hope that this will generate your interest and look forward to your statements. Of course, constructive criticism is also welcome.


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On behalf of the MYWEBSPORT team, I remain with sporty greetings --- Jimmy

Tip 1: Sustainability and used systems complement each other perfectly!

MWS used systems are MWS systems that have already been used and are offered for resale by the current owner. Used MWS systems can be purchased at particularly low prices, which are based on the condition and age of the used systems. Used MWS systems are greener and cheaper to purchase and operate than new systems. The production of new MWS systems requires the use of new resources (various electronic components, etc.) and is correspondingly expensive for customers. Giving already produced and used MWS systems a new chance definitely makes sense. Good for the wallet, good for the environment.

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Tip 2: Sustainability and business complement each other perfectly!

The MWS system is almost predestined for ecological, social and economic sustainability in billiard sports. Our patented technology for remote billiards allows players to play international billiards from their homes without having to travel to a distant venue. In this way, immense resources can be saved compared to conventional forms of playing, in which the players have to meet physically in one place. The elimination of the need to travel brings a reduction in CO₂ emissions, a reduction in travel costs and a plus in time savings. Families and friends are happy about the time saved, your wallet is happy about the cost reduction, and the environment is happy about the reduction in travel.

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