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Blog entry from 2023-02-27

In times of ever louder climate protests, one thing is very clear: Green MWS technology is fit for the future and can make a contribution to environmental protection. For those who don't want to do without international billiard tournaments, but want to do without kerosene, diesel and petrol, the patented MWS remote billiard system is a good alternative.

Used MWS systems are greener and cheaper to purchase and operate than new systems. Our used systems are fully functional and have sufficient technological equipment for most applications. The production of new MWS systems requires the use of new resources (various electronic components, etc.) and is correspondingly expensive for customers. Giving already produced and used MWS systems a new chance definitely makes sense.

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Basically, the following applies to all MWS systems, whether new or used: Playing billiards internationally can hardly be greener. In the past you had to travel to the tournament location by plane or car for a tournament, but today you can take part in tournaments from home. In the long run, this saves time, protects the environment and saves costs. You can find out more about saving resources on our topic page Sustainability in billiards through green MWS technology.

Of course, with a new MWS system you get the latest features ex works and for some customers a new system makes more sense than a used system. But we try to provide new features for older systems as backwards compatible as possible. The limits of backwards-compatible implementation of further developments usually lie in the built-in hardware, which has to have certain capabilities for some new features. But as mentioned, we are constantly developing the MWS technology and making the delivery of new functions as backward compatible and minimally invasive as possible.

Which used systems are currently available, what they can do and what they cost - we will be happy to inform you personally and advise you individually:

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MWS used systems are MWS systems that have already been used and are offered for resale by the current owner. The owner is the respective MWS location / private individual or MWS itself. Used MWS systems can be purchased at particularly low prices, which are based on the condition and age of the used systems. Used systems are resold "as they are", are fully functional and technically flawless, but are not completely overhauled. The purchase price and any payment agreements must be agreed with the respective seller (current owner) of the used MWS system. The same tariffs as for new MWS systems apply to the one-time installation fee, the monthly maintenance fee and the monthly user fees.

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