Hot phase of the €10,000 Home Tour starts on 23/24 April with two team competitions

This weekend LIVE on MYWEBSPORT.COM: Home Tour leaders Schmied and Driessen challenged by nine-time champion Efler.

Blog entry from 2022-04-21

It could be the weekend of the first preliminary decisions in the fight for the Royal Pro Home Tour overall rankings. Next Saturday (April 23) a three cushion doubles will take place, followed by a five pins doubles on Sunday (April 24). These are the tournaments 13 and 14 of a total of 20 in the 2021/22 Home Tour series, which is endowed with €10,000. Although no player can win one of the two season discipline rankings next weekend, they can lose contact with the top. So performing is the order of the day for all contenders for the Home Tour crown.

Current overall standings three cushion and five pins

Both ranking leaders are at the start with their teams next weekend. The Austrian Georg Schmied is currently leading in the three cushion discipline ranking, his team Schurli's Base Camp is one of the favorites to win the tournament again this time. The Dutchman Ernst-Jan Driessen is currently at the top of the five pins standings, and his team Ernst-Jan's Base Camp is also a good candidate for a tournament victory. But the ranking leaders are pursued by nine-time Home Tour champion Andreas Efler, who starts with his team in both disciplines. Efler thus has the chance to draw level with or overtake the ten-time title holder and record champion Luca Marzio Garavaglia. More on that in Home Tour title #10 for five pins maestro Garavaglia. So plenty of excitement is guaranteed.

Tournaments and broadcasts start on Saturday at 11:00am, on Sunday at 10:00am. All live streams and live scores are provided free of charge on our live sports platform MYWEBSPORT.COM/LIVE:

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The three cushion tournament is played in round robin mode. The players of a team take turns after each inning. The matches are played in 3 points open end format on 3 winning sets (best of 5 sets). The teams of the three cushion competition and their playing venues:

  • Team Heineken: Riml, Jimmy / Nordmann, Friedrich (Innsbruck, Austria)
  • Team MP Solutions: Saska, Harald / Sparer, Peter (Innsbruck, Austria)
  • Team Power Turtles: Efler, Andreas / Gajs, Zoran (Hinterbrühl, Austria)
  • Team Schurli's Base Camp: Schmied, Georg / Bastl, Reinald (Rosenburg-Mold, Austria)

The five pins tournament is played in round robin mode too. The players of a team take turns when the opposing team has scored points or when their own team has committed a foul. The matches are played on 2 winning sets (best of 3 sets) of 60 points each. The teams of the five pins competition and their playing venues:

  • Team Ernst-Jan's Base Camp: Driessen, Ernst-Jan / Manurat, Anand (Helmond, Netherlands)
  • Team Heineken: Riml, Jimmy / Plattner, Manuel (Innsbruck, Austria)
  • Team MP Solutions: Ofner, Frank / Parasiliti, Sergio (Innsbruck, Austria)
  • Team Power Turtles: Efler, Andreas / Efler, Brigitte (Hinterbrühl, Austria)

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