The battle is over: Andreas Efler and Ernst-Jan Driessen Home Tour overall winners 2021/22

Befitting their status, the new champions triumphed in the season finale of the €10,000 Royal Pro Home Tour on June 4th/5th.

Blog entry from 2022-06-06

The starting position in the two final competitions of the Home Tour 2021/22 was fundamentally different. In the three cushion tournament, the Austrians Andreas Efler and Georg Schmied dueled in an open race for victory in the overall ranking. Tay-Dien Truong from Erlangen was the favorite for third place in the ranking. The top trio and their pursuers signed up together for the final competition, so there was plenty of three cushion power ensured.

In the five pins discipline ranking, the Dutchman Ernst-Jan Driessen was already the overall winner before the last tournament. Second place was also firmly assigned to MWS mastermind Jimmy Riml. The question of who would take third place in the season ranking remained to be clarified. Innsbruck's Frank Ofner had the best cards for this, for whom a penultimate place in the final tournament would be enough to overtake Ernest Driessen, who was placed level with him, because he was unable to start.

But as is so often the case, things turned out a little differently than predicted. The three cushion tournament started with a bang: Truong had to withdraw from the tournament at short notice and thus leave the field to his opponents without a fight. Third place seemed lost to him unless his pursuers completely screwed up their tournament. The new most promising candidate for the podium was Jimmy Riml. Zoran Gajs from Vienna was just in striking distance waiting for his chance. And it was exactly him who shattered all forecasts with a great performance. Gajs won against Schmied and thus ensured the preliminary decision in the fight for tournament victory and overall ranking between Efler and Schmied. Gajs only could not defeat Efler and thus took second place in the tournament behind Efler. And he also managed the small sensation of catching up with Riml in the overall ranking and finishing third there.

The five pins tournament the next day was a show run and a start-finish victory for overall winner Ernst-Jan Driessen, who dominated his competition throughout the tournament. The Dutchman won in front of Ernesto Steiner from Basel. Sergio Parasiliti, who defeated Frank Ofner, secured third place in the tournament in the Innsbruck derby. For Ofner, the sole third place in the five pins ranking was therefore no longer possible, which he now shares ex aequo with Ernest Driessen.

Final Home Tour overall rankings three cushion and five pins in the circuit 2021/22 (PDF)

The podium of the Home Tour three cushion overall ranking 2021/22:

  1. 1. Efler, Andreas: 36 pts (Hinterbrühl, AT | € 1,475.00 prize money)
  2. 2. Schmied, Georg: 32 pts (Rosenburg-Mold, AT | € 1,037.50 prize money)
  3. 3. Gajs, Zoran: 23 pts (Vienna / Hinterbrühl, AT | € 550.00 prize money)
  4. 3. Riml, Jimmy: 23 pts (Innsbruck, AT | € 475.00 prize money)

Results of the last Home Tour three cushion tournament in the circuit 2021/22 (PDF)

The podium of the Home Tour five pins overall ranking 2021/22:

  1. 1. Driessen, Ernst-Jan: 31 pts (Helmond, NL | € 1,387.50 prize money)
  2. 2. Riml, Jimmy: 20 pts (Innsbruck, AT | € 800.00 prize money)
  3. 3. Driessen, Ernest: 14 pts (Turek, PL | € 400.00 prize money)
  4. 3. Ofner, Frank: 14 pts (Innsbruck, AT | € 225.00 prize money)

Results of the last Home Tour five pins tournament in the circuit 2021/22 (PDF)

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The Royal Pro Home Tour is an international carom billiards tournament series that is played online via the MWS system at various MWS locations worldwide. The Home Tour overall ranking 2021/22 consists of a total of 20 tournaments, 10x three cushion and 10x five pins each. The tournaments are played alternately as singles and doubles. A separate ranking list is kept for each discipline, there are 2 deletion results per player and discipline. The Royal Pro Home Tour Series 2021/22 is endowed with a total of € 10,000 prize money.

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