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Sports thrives on tradition and change. If you only stand still, you take a step backwards. Topics of our time offer us the chance for further development.

Blog entry from 2023-05-09

Routine and tradition give us the feeling of being at home. Our beloved billiard sports is also based on this constancy. Nevertheless, the world around us continues to turn. We must not close our minds to the important issues of our time in order to remain competitive, both in sporting and economic terms. Those who see the phrase "We have been doing it this way for 80 years" as an argument are cordially invited to reconsider.

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Without attractiveness, the chances of new blood and successful marketing are low. Without successful marketing, the chances of revenue are low. Without new blood, the chances of continued existence are low. Without revenue and continued existence, the prospects for the future are poor.

A lot depends on contemporary attractiveness, this concept ranges from modern online offerings to responsible investment. Sports can hardly be monetized and therefore difficult to promote if we close our minds to these issues of our time. These market demands sometimes pose a challenge.

Our spheres of life are exposed to immense media pressure and it is therefore all the more understandable if we cling to the familiar. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that we are moving toward - or are already in the midst of - a climate catastrophe and must change many things if we want to leave a livable planet to future generations.

Our system for remote billiards eliminates the need to travel by car, plane, ship & co to distant venues. Our green, patented technology, offers a gigantic potential for saving environmentally harmful emissions. We thus make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection.

MYWEBSPORT is a modern, attractive garment for our sport. We create perspectives for socio-economic development in our sport. And last but not least, we enable players around the world to connect into a community, play billiards with each other from home and participate in international prize money tournaments.

The MWS system inherently offers and combines all of the above in one: remote billiards and community, an active contribution to environmental protection, and a variety of opportunities for social, sporting and economic development.

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