Efler crushes the competition

World-class performances, a whitewash and 100 hours of live coverage: That was the € 1,000 Summer Cup. Plus: The new ELO intermediate rankings are out.

Blog entry from 2023-10-20

Fully booked with 16 participants, the starting signal was given in mid-July for the € 1,000 Rocket Real Three Cushion Summer Cup 2023 by Georg Schmied (AT), which was played online via the MWS system for remote billiards at various MWS locations worldwide. 120 matches were planned until the end of the tournament in mid-October, which were broadcast live and free of charge on our streaming platform.

The tournament was played in round robin mode, the match distance was 25 points with a maximum of 30 innings. For a win 2 match points were awarded, for a draw 1 MP and for a defeat 0 MPs. For the ranking, the match points achieved counted before the general average (sum of points scored divided by the sum of innings played) before the highest run. Two players had to drop out of the tournament early and unfortunately completely, but the favorites to win the tournament all remained on board. No participant remained without a win, and with the exception of one player (the eventual tournament winner), no participant remained without defeat. The tournament developed into an exciting and open exchange of blows between the players.

Completely unimpressed by the sporting battles, the 18-time Home Tour record champion Andreas Efler (AT) left his mark on the event with phases of world-class performances. He dominated and sometimes outclassed the competition almost at will. With an outstanding tournament record of 15:0 wins (30:0 match points), a general average of 1.533, a high run of 16 and a best game with an average point score of 3.571, all tournament bests were achieved by Efler. The MWS coach and specialist book author showed his top class throughout the entire tournament and celebrated a deserved and superior tournament victory.

Second place remained open until the end and was hotly contested between Norbert Röstel (DE), who recently opened his MWS location in Berlin, and the Swiss international Kenan Canturk, who played his matches from Zurich. Röstel had to get at least 1 match point from his last two matches against Efler and Klaus-Dieter Abraham (DE) in order to stay ahead of Canturk in the ranking due to the better AVG. The Swiss had already completed all of his matches at this point and could therefore only wait and not intervene directly in the action. Röstel kept his nerve and ultimately won his match against Abraham confidently, meaning that the duel against Efler (which the Berliner lost) no longer had any impact on his final ranking. Second place went to Röstel and third place went to Canturk. Tournament organizer Schmied came in fourth place, Tay-Dien Truong (DE) from Erlangen came fifth.

Efler's victory against Manfred Müller (AT) was fantastic and quaint at the same time, with him scoring 25:0 points in 8 innings and a high run of 16 points. Müller recovered well from his whitewash shock and finished the tournament in sixth place with a respectable performance and record.

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The Top 5 of the Three Cushion Summer Cup 2023:

  1. Efler, Andreas (Hinterbrühl | AT): 30:0 match points, 1.533 AVG, 16 HR | € 400.00 prize money
  2. Röstel, Norbert (Berlin | DE): 25:5 match points, 1.184 AVG, 9 HR | € 300.00 prize money
  3. Canturk, Kenan (Zurich | CH): 24:6 match points, 0.947 AVG, 6 HR | € 200.00 prize money
  4. Schmied, Georg (Rosenburg-Mold | AT): 22:8 match points, 1.013 AVG, 7 HR | € 100.00 prize money
  5. Truong, Tay-Dien (Erlangen | DE): 21:9 match points, 1.003 AVG, 7 HR

All MWS individual tournaments are included in our ELO rankings, which are endowed with prize money. Each ranking period consists of 3 tournaments. At the end of each ranking period the prize money is paid out. The intermediate rankings are for information only and published after each tournament. The current three cushion ranking period includes the Summer Cup as well as both competitions #5 and #6 of the Home Tour Infinity Series.

To the current ELO rankings and the ELO regulations

The Top 5 of the current ELO Intermediate Ranking Three Cushion:

  • Efler, Andreas (Hinterbrühl | AT): 5713 points, +102
  • Röstel, Norbert (Berlin | DE): 5403 points, +403
  • Canturk, Kenan (Zurich | CH): 5353 points, +353
  • Schmied, Georg (Rosenburg-Mold | AT): 5249 points, -181
  • Truong, Tay-Dien (Erlangen | DE): 5245 points, +203

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